Melaniq® Supplement for Hair Pigmentation

Product Description

Melaniq® is a food supplement for hair pigmentation, specifically designed to support your body’s ability to produce melanin, the natural pigment that gives your hair its colour. It contains copper, the mineral that is essential for the synthesis of melanin. Melanin is produced in specialised cells, called melanocytes. The initial step of melanin biosynthesis is catalysed by the enzyme tyrosinase, which contains copper at its active site. It utilises L-tyrosine, which is also an activator of the whole process, as well as the initial substrate. When your hair follicles are not getting enough nutrients and minerals or, for example, when the melanocytes can’t cope with the oxidative stress anymore, the ability to produce melanin may gradually terminate. As a result, your hair turns grey. By combining copper with L-tyrosine, essential vitamins, a strong antioxidant and a seaweed of high nutritional value, scientists at Oxford Biolabs have recently improved Melaniq®, making it the first choice when it comes to supporting your natural hair colour with a food supplement.

  • Contains copper, which contributes to normal hair pigmentation.
  • Specifically formulated to support the body’s ability to produce melanin.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Manufactured in Germany.
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Take Control of Greying Hair with Melaniq®

Melaniq® has been created for those experiencing premature greying and greying in general, as well as for those who would like to prevent greying hair.

Melaniq® Food Supplement for Hair Pigmentation

As people age, their chances of going grey increase because hair follicles start losing the ability to produce pigmented hair. For many, the process of greying begins in their thirties, with 74% of men and women going significantly grey between the ages of 45 and 65. Having recognised that the premature ageing of hair is an issue of both physical and emotional concern, the team of Oxford Biolabs scientists has come up with an innovative solution.

By combining powerful active ingredients of copper, biotin, vitamin D, along with other minerals that can help maintain normal hair pigmentation, they developed a unique formula to combat greying hair. Melaniq®, a food supplement for hair pigmentation, is the result of world-leading, Oxford-based research and a combination of high quality, naturally-based ingredients. Three capsules of Melaniq® taken per day can contribute to normal hair pigmentation and the maintenance of natural hair colour.

What can I expect?

  • Support of normal hair pigmentation.
  • The supply of important nutrients necessary for melanin biosynthesis that can help to slow down the process of greying.
  • No major side effects.
  • No hormone interference.

What should I not expect?

  • Total reversal of grey hair. Melaniq® is developed for men and women who are experiencing greying, or those wishing to delay the onset of grey hair. The effect in more advanced stages of greying will be less pronounced.
  • An immediate effect. Taking Melaniq® regularly and over a prolonged period of time is critical to success.

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How It Works

The enzyme at the heart of hair pigment production is tyrosinase. The activity of this important enzyme is dependent on the availability of copper, which is built into the active centre of tyrosinase. It has been shown that people suffering from premature greying have a reduced level of copper in their serum. An insufficient supply of copper results in a reduced activity of tyrosinase and hence reduced pigment production, ultimately causing the onset of grey hair. Melaniq® can help to restore healthy copper levels and thus contribute to the maintenance of a natural hair colour.

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Questions & Answers: THE BASICS

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    How long will it take to see results from Melaniq®?

    The result from taking Melaniq® can vary between individuals. However, the first visible results can be expected as early as five months after first taking the supplement, provided the dosage recommendations are followed carefully.*

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    Is Melaniq® suitable for all ages?

    Melaniq® is suitable for almost all age groups. People younger than 18 or older than 70 should consult a doctor or suitably qualified healthcare professional before taking Melaniq®.

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    Has Melaniq® been developed for both men and women?

    Yes, Melaniq® has been developed for both men and women.

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    Can Melaniq® be taken at the same time as TRX2® or other food supplements or vitamins?

    Yes, Melaniq® can be taken at the same time as other food supplements and vitamins. Scientists at Oxford Biolabs do not recommend any particular diet while taking Melaniq®. However, it should be ensured that the daily recommended dose of an individual compound or vitamin is not exceeded

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    Can Melaniq® be taken with prescription drugs?

    Before taking any dietary supplement and prescription drug simultaneously, a doctor or other suitably qualified healthcare professional should be consulted. Melaniq® is not recommended for people taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) or those suffering from hypertension.

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    Should a doctor be consulted before taking Melaniq®?

    Melaniq® is not a drug or medicine, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is a patent-pending food supplement containing nutrients to help maintain hair pigmentation. However, a doctor or other suitably qualified healthcare professional should be consulted before taking any food supplement.

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    Why it is recommended Melaniq® is taken with food?

    Melaniq® is absorbed more efficiently into the bloodstream when taken together with food.

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    At what time of day is it best to take Melaniq®?

    Melaniq® can be taken at any time of day, as long as the dosage recommendations are followed.

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    Is Melaniq® approved by any regulatory agency such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), or the European Food Standard Agency (EFSA)?

    Melaniq® is a non-prescription food supplement product. It is therefore sold in accordance with major international food directives, such as the EC (European Community) Food Supplements Directive 2002/46/EC and the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, passed by the United States Congress in 1994. This Act allows the marketing of dietary supplements without prior approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, the FDA still exerts general oversight over product safety and supervises the marketing claims made for dietary supplements.

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    What do regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, the MHRA, and the FSA, recommend in regards to evaluating and buying dietary supplements, such as Melaniq®?

    The United Kingdom Food Standards Agency provides free consumer information at: The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offers 'Tips for Dietary Supplement Users' at:

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    How should Melaniq® be stored?

    Melaniq® should be stored it in a cool and dry place.

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    How do you ensure the quality of Melaniq®?

    Oxford Biolabs is serious and honest about the products it sells to its consumers, aiming to provide safe, high-quality treatments that deliver effective results. Products are developed in compliance with the most rigorous quality standards. Melaniq® capsules are made in Germany at an innovative manufacturing plant that is licensed by the European Union according to the highest quality standards. The raw materials used in Melaniq® received individual Certificates of Analysis that affirm their composition. Every ingredient, as well as the corresponding packaging materials, is subjected to strenuous quality testing before being accepted into the plant. Throughout the manufacturing process, written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) govern every stage of development.

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    Can Melaniq® be taken at the same time as alcohol?

    It is not recommended for Melaniq® to be taken at the same time as alcohol as this can hamper absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.

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    Have patents for Melaniq® been filed?

    Yes. Melaniq® is a patent pending food supplement.

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    What are the natural dietary sources of each of the major Melaniq® components?

    The principal dietary sources of copper are nuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables, seafood, and sesame seeds. The principal dietary sources of catalase are leeks, onions, broccoli, parsnips, zucchini, spinach, kale, radishes, carrots, red peppers, turnips, cucumbers, celery, and red cabbage. The principal dietary sources of L-Tyrosine are seaweed, spirulina, and protein-rich foods such as meat, poultry, seafood, beans, tofu, lentils, bananas, sunflower seeds, and milk. The principal dietary sources of PABA are whole grains, spinach, mushrooms, liver, and brewer's yeast. The principal dietary sources of Biotin are cereal, chocolate, egg yolks, legumes, milk, and nuts. The principal dietary sources of Vitamin D are mushrooms, cheese, and egg yolks.

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    How is the dose of Melaniq® determined?

    It is recommended that three capsules are taken each day with food. All three capsules may be taken together or at separate times. This recommendation is based on a number of studies and publications carried out over the past few years. Each of the key ingredients were studied separately over a wide range of doses in order to determine the levels at which the ingredients are well tolerated and can best contribute to the maintenance of normal hair pigmentation. However, every human body is unique in terms of its metabolism and genetic variability.

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    Does Melaniq® contain any major food allergens?

    The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) defines a 'major food allergen' as an one of the following ingredients: milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and soybeans. Every product manufactured and labelled after 1 January 2006 must identify any major food allergen it possesses. The Melaniq® formula and its ingredients contain no 'major food allergen' per se. However, there may be traces of major allergens due to the fact that the equipment used for encapsulation at our manufacturing plant is also used in the production of other products, which may contain major allergens. If any allergic reactions or negative side effects are experienced whilst taking Melaniq®, consumption should immediately be stopped and a doctor or suitably qualified healthcare professional consulted for further guidance.

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    Is Melaniq® suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes, Melaniq® is suitable for vegetarians.

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    What are the possible side effects of taking Melaniq®?

    The ingredients in the Melaniq® capsules consist entirely of drug-free compounds, all of which occur naturally or are synthesized as normal metabolites within the human body. If any reactions occur whilst taking Melaniq®, consumption should be stopped immediately and a doctor or other suitably qualified healthcare professional consulted. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid consuming Melaniq® due to the lack of long-term safety data.

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